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As Innkeepers you’re always keen to what people are saying in the many on line reviews.  You know they can make or break you.  Last year we almost made it all year without a bad review!  But then in November there it came.  Spoiled our perfect record.  It was a bad week as Matt steamed.  And, steamed.  Ranted and raved. 

We are still trying to get the Bed & Breakfast to a breakeven operation.  So, any negative reviews, and the potential drop in business has quite an effect on us.  However, I finally settled him down.  I explained that feedback, good, bad, or indifferent is vital to us.  We need to know what people are thinking and saying.  Quality is all about meeting or exceeding customers’ expiations. 

I pointed out the many improvements we have made over the years, many as a result from the feedback we got from the reviews.

We at The Elms take all the reviews seriously and learn where we are doing a great job, and where we need improvement.  So, although we may take it personally, we appreciate your taking the time to give us, and the world your thoughts.

For those that gave us great reviews, we appreciate those also       😉

Thank You.

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