The Dreaded E-4

So, your think you want to be3 an inkeeper?

For the most part running an Inn becomes a routine.  When things are running smoothly it’s a rewarding experience.  But then again.  When things aren’t, things seem to spin out of control quickly.  Let me tell you about the dreaded E -4.

On a busy weekend we’ll serve about 28 breakfasts.  We seem to have it down pretty well until the appearance of E-4.  The dreaded E-4 is the error message on our Hobart Dishwasher.  So let’s quickly look at the numbers that 28 breakfasts and without counting pot, pans and prep utensils’ our typical table setting contains a dozen pieces.  That’s 388+ plates glasses, saucers etc. that need to be cleaned by hand plus the incidentals.

The worst part is, is its intermittent.   The dishwasher knows when it is the busiest, most inconvenient time to break down.  Somehow it just knows when people are coming down for their morning breakfast.  Well let me tell you, we know it has an evil personality, that it does it on purpose. Well I might not be the brightest bulb in the package, nor have I just fallen off the turnip truck.  I’ve learned the best way to deal with the Dreaded E-4.

As an Innkeeper you need to become ‘one’ with the dishwasher.  Take a Zen approach.  You learn when you need to turn it off in a middle of a cycle then back on again,  When it’s had enough and just needs a rest for an hour or two.  When to curse at it, and when it needs a little encouragement. … Well that’s what I believed.  Of the three operators I seem to have this down better than the others.  I was the go to man and Buddha for getting it working again with my understanding of the needs of the machine.

Well this week I was dethroned.  For $ 300 the Hobart Repair man fixed it permanently…..  Why did it take me three months to find the Supper Buddha?  I feel like a mere mortal again.

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