KC Goes to the Big House

So, you want to be in Inn keeper.   Hers what KC says about that.

As a young girl swimming at the Westbrook pool I always wondered who lived in that big house across the river. Was it a movie star or the president? Maybe it was haunted!

Going to the pool everyday with my friends who would all tear off their clothes and jump into the pool, I would put my clothes in a neat pile (an early indication that I would grow up to be a Martha Stewart Wannabe before even knowing who Martha was).

Before plunging in, I usually walked around the pool hoping for a glimpse of someone from that mansion. I had to figure this out myself, asking someone would spoil the mystery!

Fast forward: With the Martha side of me fully developed, and knowing that I love to cook, clean, and meet people, my husband saw a “housekeeper wanted” ad on Craig’s List for a  B&B in Westbrook…the “big house.”

 Jokingly (he thought) he said “there you go” and here I am… 

It’s a great Inn, the owners are so much fun to work with, and most of the people that we meet are terrific with the exception of the occasional “guestzilla”.  There are guests who are quite funny without trying to be. Example: I was walking up the stairs with the vacuum one day and a guest asked if I worked here. Another time I was explaining that some of the rooms don’t have private baths and use shared bathrooms. When checking out this guest very happily told me that she never had to “share” the bathroom with anyone (she was under the impression that it would be simultaneously) 

The fact that she would have been ok with it made me chuckle!

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