So, you want to be an Innkeeper.

So, you want to be an Innkeeper. You think so ha? Well I hope you follow our blog as we share some day to day happenings at The Elms. I’m anticipating telling you the good, bad, and ugly. As time progresses you should have a good feel for this industry and then pursue your dream. Or, thank me later for saving you from a disastrous career and life style move.

That’s right, we’ll be telling you about some of our wonderful guests. Some of their stories of their visit to the Portland area. Their restaurant or activities review summaries and ideas.

We’ll tell you about some of those moments when things just don’t go as planned. Like one that comes from memory is when the fire alarm went off, and the police and fire trucks arrive just because of the plaster dust set off the alarm during a small ceiling repair job. Yup, I can hear that shrieking alarm and feel that embarrassment all over again as I write my first blog.

Well this first blog will be brief. This weekend we had a couple from NY. Great folk. They were here attending an annual ‘whiskey tasting’ their friends hold. No small deal; I hear they expect over 100 people. Well they made breakfast. And this highlights that you can’t be all things to all people. Let’s just say they were starting off the day a little slow.

The husband was all pleased with the breakfast. For at times like these he love carbs. So with waffles, the Maine maple syrup we serve was right up his alley. She on the other hand, at times like this needs grease. (I can relate so I know just where she is coming from.) Being such a polite lady she repeatedly told me ‘this is the best bacon I’ve had in a long time.’ She also LOVED the coffee. LOL sorry Missy, we don’t make it a habit of serving greasy things at The Elms…nope we can’t please all the people all the time.

What a great and good looking couple they were. We talked for 2 hours about whisky, wine, and food. We learn so much from our guests. They are welcomed back anytime …. as most foodies are.

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