Family Reunions – So you want to run a B&B?

So you want to run a B&B

One of the best things about running a Bed and Breakfast is the guest.  Last Thanksgiving we had a family reunion that reserved the whole Inn for 4 days.  The family came from Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Ohio, Florida and joined a few that lived here in Maine.  What a great family they were.  Respectful, friendly, diverse, and yes, a true functional loving family of 3 generations. 

I’ve heard an expression in this business “you can’t please all the people all the time.”  Well we had 20+ people to please.  For four days.  Quite the challenge.  Wrong.  Let me tell you.  What a pleasure it was.

We, the Innkeepers, felt welcomed into their family.  We were treated like their guest.  They played pool, took hot tubs, built puzzles, cooked, dined, played instruments, talked, laughed, and otherwise entertained each other.’  Just a good ol’ time. They left a message in our guestbook stating ‘Thank you for a wonderful Thanksgiving!  It was one of the best we can remember, thanks for your generosity and your beautiful Inn’.  We took that as quite the complement.

Well, it wasn’t.  The best complement is that they just booked another family retreat for next weekend!  We can’t wait to see them.  Wonder if they will leave another jar of that delicious homemade Maine raspberry jam for us again?

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