Employee’s and Luck

So, you want to b e an Innkeeper?

Let me just start by saying looking for a house keeper is not the best part of being an Innkeeper. The job certainly isn’t glamorous, nor does it pay well. You want to find someone that you can trust, is invested in the building, willing to do the job right the first time, take some hassle from me and the guests, while smiling the whole time.

We were extremely lucky when our current housekeeper (KC) walked into The Elms. On our initial tour throughout the B&B she looked around making suggestions, and giving me cleaning tips. She turns out to be way to feminine to be called ‘Mr. Clean” but certainly brings back memories of the TV commercial of the ‘white Tornado’. Don’t believe me? Just check our reviews. When it comes to rating ‘cleanliness’ we across the board get 5 stares!

Have I already stated that I am one lucky SOB? KC will arrive promptly in the morning with a smile, and ready for work. We sit her down and have a cup of coffee with her. We go over what rooms need attention and other details. I don’t think she has figured out yet that not only do we enjoy her company, but we consider this caffeine to be an investment. Maybe she’ll work a little faster with some caffeine in her body. If that’s possible. She clocks up 4.5 miles on her pedometer each day. .We also use the time at this coffee clutch to see what she has in her pocketbook. She is a smuggler. She is smuggling things into the INN. It could be a new cleaning polish, duster, sponge, merical grow or something of the sort.

KC has become part of our happy family. We don’t check the rooms. We have learned to trust her work. Perhaps we should, for we have learned KC has been quite the sneak. Unbenounced to us, she felt that the towels would look better rolled up and place in a basket, vs. just being folded and placed on the dresser. Over the course of last season she had smuggled in, at her own expense, said baskets.

KC is a diplomat. We never hear her say a negative thing about our guest. Not even when they forget to leave a tip. Beyond that, she has learned to mediate different opinions of the owners. She is always the swing vote. Hummmm. Now that I think of it, who is running this place anyway? Yes sometimes she leaves me some laundry to fold, but heck I do the same thing to her all the time.

So, those of you thinking you might want to be an Innkeeper, want to know what my secret in hiring is?


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