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So you want to be an Innkeeper? 

Let’s take a look at some of the good points of being an Innkeeper. The guests, some are good, others are not so good, and some are just too much. We have guests that are just too much of a treat. You could all be sitting around the table and they will start clearing the table, or be talking in the kitchen and have plates to serve, and just to continue talking they will help bring out the breakfast plates to other guests. They make their own beds and use the same towels, or strip their beds and place all the used linens in the shower.

Last week a couple stayed with us for two nights, to visit their son who lives down the street. We were sitting on the veranda discussing what it is like being an Innkeeper and how some things in an old building always need to be fixed or replaced. In this case it was the pantry refrigerator which is set in a cabinet. I go and buy a replacement thinking it would be the same size, so I didn’t measure. After taking out the old one, I went to place the new fridge in the empty space, and of course it was one inch to wide. The morning I was planning to try my hand at carpentry we happened to be discussing this project, and how I was thinking a hand saw along with the skill saw to fix the problem. Well I stated that id better start the job or it would never get done and I would sit and talk all day.

I went into the pantry, and he followed to see what the job was like. The next thing I know Rick (that was his name) is under the counter asking for a screwdriver and a hammer. I traveled down to the tool room and brought back the requested tools. After a couple of tries he got the wood panel out, and handed it to me saying go and cut it on the marked lines. At this point I thought it smart to mention that I have never used a table saw. So we went down to the tool room and put on our safety glasses (mine being Prada) and Rick showed me how to use the saw. After completing the cuts we replaced the panel and set the fridge into the newly widened hole. Then we retired back to the veranda to plan out the rest of their day.

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